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Application Process

At Reach Training Institute, we are focused on helping students grow into all that God intends—academically, spiritually, and in their careers.  Below will walk you through our admission process.

Student Interest Form

Fill out the following form.

Fill out the Student Interest Form, to let us know you are interested in what RTI has to offer. This form does not obligate you in any way, but lets us know we can contact you for more conversation. We appreciate you allowing us to begin this journey with you to explore RTI as you prepare for future ministry.


When we receive this online form, we will quickly get in contact to answer any questions you may have, and also talk about next step(s).

Admissions Application

Complete and submit the following information

1. Submit Application & Essay Online:

   a) RTI Application for Admissions


   b) Call to Ministry Essay  (2-page, 12pt font, Times New Roman, single-spaced). This will be used to determine both your readiness and writing ability and should be at a college level.

*Essay Prompt: Describe how and when you made a decision to follow Christ.  Using personal examples, share about your growth as a Christian over the past years.  Share God's calling in your life.  Describe your aspirations about full-time ministry.


2. Send this New Student Reference Form link to two (2) individuals for them to submit, who can attest to the applicant's call to ministry, character, academics, and/or employment.


3.  Submit a non-refundable $100 application fee.  Please send a check payable to 'Smokey Point Community Church', with the applicant's name on the memo line.


Mail to:

Reach Training Institute

Attn: RTI Admissions

PO Box 3247

Arlington, WA 98223


4. Submit official transcript(s) from high school(s) attended or any post-high school education.  Transcripts must be current through the time of application.  Transcripts will be considered official ONLY when sent directly from the educational institution to RTI, via the address above.  Note: Homeschool students and international students have special instructions for high school transcripts.  Please contact the admissions advisor for instructions.

Note:  As part of the curriculum, RTI first year students will be required to participate in an 8-10 day overseas trip during late September/early October which will be determined as soon as possible during the summer before the school term.  Lab fees split over the course of 6 month will be required in addition to tuition.  This money can be raised by the student.  The trip cost is approximately $1,800 [(3) $600 payments].  Also, please note that students will be required to buy the Grammerly upgrade (around $100 a year) and purchase their own books.

Review of Application

Admissions Committee

1.  The RTI admissions committee will review all applications submitted.

2. Applicants who meet the basic criteria for enrollment will be invited by the Admissions Advisor for a formal interview.

3. Prior to scheduling an interview, applicants must submit all required paperwork: application, letters of recommendation, transcripts and application fee.


Note: If RTI students would like to pursue an accredited degree at Crown College, they will apply after 2 years with RTI.  The RTI Admissions Office will assist in this process.

Admissions Decisions



The Admissions Committee members review application materials and interview notes for each student.  Admissions status falls into three categories:


   >Do not Recommend

   >Re-apply to the program at a later date

We notify applicants to their status over the phone and is followed by an official letter through the mail.

Application Deadlines

Dates to Note

Early Action deadline is the third Friday in January.

Applications for the fall semester that are received after the deadline above, are considered and processed, if space is available and time allows.

All admissions review and decisions will be conducted no later than the first of June.

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