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Student Life

All of our students are passionate about sharing the gospel in a clear and relevant way.


Student life at RTI is anything but typical.  Our students range in age from 18 to 50 years old; some were born in the U.S., while others were born outside the U.S. Many RTI students see themselves serving in church positions after graduation, while some sense a call to the nations.  All of our students are passionate about sharing the gospel in a clear and relevant way, believing that the Bible is the authoritative word of God, and contains the revealed will of God for all people everywhere.  

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One of the unique features of RTI is the cohort model.  Each “class” will form a cohort of 10-15 students.  Not only does the cohort form bonds through study, but also as they do life and ministry together.  This allows a unique experience of both student support and preparation for working with others in future ministry. 

“Many past cohorts have bonded together greatly and become family.  This creates a culture of encouragement, accountability, and friendship.  Joining RTI not only gives you an education, but a group of people to do life with.”  --Emily Johnson (RTI Salem student Cohort #4)


Located just an hour north of Seattle, RTI North Sound is situated in an ideal location for students wishing to prepare for ministry in any setting. We are on the Smokey Point Community Church campus, located in the "Smokey Point" area of Arlington WA.

We are able to help you find affordable housing if you live out of the area!

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